SpaceX Conquering Space And Redefining Space Travel

space travel

“Space, the final frontier…”

A generation growing up on a healthy dose of Star Trek and Star Wars need not be explained the meaning or origin of the above quotation.

The human race has always been fascinated by the vast sky and the space that lies beyond. For centuries we have dreamt of going into space and exploring it, knowing what it has in store. NASA nurtured and satiated our curiosity about space while also raising it manifolds in the process.

We have barely even scratched the surface when it comes to gaining knowledge and understanding the celestial bodies and the universe. However, we dream on. Now SpaceX has come forward with some amazing developments in the recent years that have opened up a whole new dimension, space travel!

Elon Musk, the founder, and CEO of SpaceX, is a name that is almost as popular as Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein. Some might even say that he is the Tony Stark of our world! Well, the bottom line remains that Elon Musk, with his SpaceX, has brought us much closer to the dream of space travel than ever before.


SpaceX launches for NASA and what it means for Space Travel


space travel

space travel

After much delays and dodging many apprehensions and prejudices, SpaceX Dragon spacecraft recently successfully delivered a care package containing 5,800 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station (ISS). While this might not seem like much at first look, mostly because NASA has been providing supplies to those aboard the ISS for years, the mission being carried out by SpaceX, a private space travel technology development organization is a first. This opens the door towards further development.

SpaceX has already successfully tested their recycled rocket technology. This can prove to be a revolutionary technology in reducing space exploration cost and open up new horizons. It is only a matter of imagination how much space travel will benefit with further involvement of SpaceX.

Elon Musk is pretty serious about creating human colonies on other planets and the developments of SpaceX rocket and spacecraft technology promises a bright future ahead.


space travel
Reusable rocket technology developed by SPACEX
space travel
Reusable rocket technology developed by SPACEX
space travel
Falcon Heavy developed by SPACEX

The recent successful delivery by Falcon heavy spacecraft has also created a major opportunity for NASA. The Falcon program was developed by SpaceX without utilizing any of taxpayer’s money.

In contrast, NASA developed its Space Launch System (SLS) for heavy payload at a cost of over $15 Billion that will cost the agency $1 Billion for every launch. This all goes from the tax payer’s money. SpaceX charges only $100 Million for every launch and thus reduces the cost by one-tenth. This massive reduction of the cost will certainly make it possible for NASA to redirect its fund towards research program that will allow them to make more breakthrough discoveries.


Space Travel of the future


space travel


It can be easily said that eventually, the human race is progressing towards making commercial space travel a reality. As of now space travel is restricted to the astronauts and is merely confined to sending people to the ISS for various research and studies. But there are active efforts to create Martian colony. At present, the plan is to have a one-way trip. However, successful testing of recycled rockets and other advanced technologies being developed by SpaceX at a lower cost than NASA means that they might as well open up the door to a world of possibilities and easy space travel can certainly be one of them.

It certainly sounds like a story right out of a science fiction novel, but the reality is far more interesting and amazing than fiction. The human race has progressed a lot from the days of sky gazing using various types of telescopes. Our deep space telescopes and probes have provided an enormous amount of knowledge about the world that remained a mystery for centuries. True, there is a lot more to know and we have not even started to know enough about space. But space travel and space exploration are certainly going to change that in the near future.


Future of mankind lies in space travel


space travel


There are many conspiracy theories claiming that human beings aren’t really the natives of the planet we know as earth. In an unknown past, beings from other planets visited earth and settled on the planet building colonies. While there is no real proof to support this theory, at least not anything that is accepted by the scientific community, the future indeed rests on the ability to travel through space.

However long it might take, the sun will die one day and earth will become inhabitable. Unless we develop the technology for successful space travel and search another planet in another solar system there is no way for the human race to continue living and propagate its knowledge. This is the only way for any advanced civilization to survive.

SpaceX certainly gives us hope that the day is not too far. We will certainly conquer the final frontier – space!

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